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Double Tax Credit Eligible Licensed Child Care Providers

A Maine taxpayer who enrolls a child in a child care center or home with a Quality Certificate is eligible for a double child care tax credit on their state income tax return.

Early Childhood: Information for Parents: Child Care Tax Credits

Learn about income tax credits to help pay for child care expenses.

Earned Income Credit

More information from Pine Tree Legal about the EITC.

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

IRS information about filing for the Earned Income Credit

EITC Information for IRS Partners

Network with other employers, government offices and agencies, social service organizations and other groups in your community who have a vested interest in reaching and educating low income workers about EITC. Find out how you can help.

It's easier than ever to find out if you qualify for EITC

Use the IRS's "EITC Assistant" to find out if you are eligible.

Maine Residents Property Tax and Rent Refund "Circuitbreaker" Program

The rent refund Circuitbreaker Program has been replaced by a refundable Property Tax Fairness Credit that can be claimed on the Maine Individual Income Tax Form. Read about eligibility and how to apply.

Understanding the Affordable Care Act

Find out if you could be eligible for a tax credit through the Affordable Health Care Act. Review the brief video or call the hotline number provided.