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Consumer Home Heating Rights

Maine Attorney General explains legal rights of consumers heating with oil, wood, LP gas, natural gas or electricity.

Filing a Complaint Against a Business

Filing a formal complaint with a business, state agency or federal agency is an option if you have been unable to resolve the matter through previous communications. This article lists these three categories and explains the options.

Free and Low Cost Phone Services

One of these programs might work for your low income household; Safelink, Assurance, Linkup, Lifeline, Googlevoice, Skyps, and ooVoo are all different options that could help solve your communication issues.

Help with Winter Utility and Fuel Bills

A summary of resources and how to contact them: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Weatherization and Furnace Repair or Replacement (CHIP), Emergency Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP), Low-Income Assistance Plan (LIAP), Maine...

How Much Heat Does Your Landlord Have to Provide?

Maine law on a landlord's duty to provide heat.

Low Income Assistance Plan

The Low Income Assistance Plan (LIAP) helps low-income homeowners and renters pay for electricity costs by providing a credit on their electric bills.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Get help with your winter heating bills.

Maine Public Advocate: Consumer Help

This office works on behalf of consumers on utility issues regulated by the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

MPUC: Consumer Information: File a Complaint

The Maine Public Utilities Commission enforces utility laws, including electric shut-offs. File a complaint online.

MPUC: Customer Information: Do You Have a Complaint?

Is your electric company threatening to shut off your service? Do you have another problem with a regulated utility company? The PUC's Consumer Assistance Division may be able to help you. Call or file a complaint online.

Telephone Assistance Program

Provides low-cost phone installation and reduced-cost monthly service to qualifying low-income households.

Weatherization/Central Heating Improvement Programs

Provide grants to low-income homeowners and renters to reduce energy costs by improving home energy efficiency. Apply for LIHEAP at your nearest CAP agency to qualify.

What are My Rights with My Electric Company

Find out what choices you have if you can't afford to pay your bill or get a disconnect notice. Includes information about how to use the PUC's Consumer Assistance Division when you need help dealing with your ultility company.